About us

Wine that puts a smile on your face


Making sure you have wine that puts a smile on your face; that is our mission! Even though many people know what they like, they still get lost in a sea of wine choices. As a result you spend too much or experience too little. During our college years, we already saw this problem among family and friends and helped them explore and develop their taste. We thought we should, therefore, share our passion for wine and, thus, Vinobox was born.


Vinobox is for everyone


What started as a favour to friends has grown into a young company with smart and passionate wine lovers. We are not an elite, exclusive wine club. We love putting together a wine box for everyone who loves wine, but doesn’t have the time to put a lot of energy into it. You get 3 to 6 wines every month, individually tailored to your taste. We do the work, you sit back and enjoy! What could be better?

High quality for the right price

We select the best wines together with renowned wine experts. Often they are organic and sourced directly from the winemaker. We are not affiliated with any purchasing organisation, retail company or group of winemakers. We determine our selection independently, based on quality and the right price.