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Customize your box

Let us know what you like. White, red, light, full bodied, complex, simple: everything is possible!


Surprise yourself!

We select wines based on your taste. Every month you’ll receive a box full of extraordinary wine. Amazing right?


Share your opinion

Which bottles did you like most? Rate them in your account. This way we’ll get to know even more about your tastes – and can match the wines perfectly!


I’d love to try Vinobox for a month or surprise someone with an amazing gift.

What do others think of us?

Thijs ten Hag

Truly magnificent wine here at Vinobox. Also, amazing that I can re-order if needed.

Erik Veldman

Every month a pleasant surprise to unpack the Vinobox. Flexible, tasteful and straightforward. My compliments!

Nathalie Doodkorte

Thanks for the quick delivery #Vinobox can't wait to enjoy new wine on friday!

About us

Providing you with wine that puts a smile on your face: based on that thought, we launched Vinobox. What started as a hobby during college, has now become a young company with clever and passionate wine lovers. We’re not an elite or exclusive wine club. We put together wine boxes with love for people who appreciate wine!

What's in the box?

Wine with a lot of appreciation

Each box contains 3 to 6 bottles of wine, matching your personal taste. You get what you already know, but you can also step outside your comfort zone. This is how we help you discover your new favorites!

Wine with a story

Every wine has a story. Where does your wine come from? How was it made? And which grapes are in it? You can read all about it on the info cards that you find in your box.


100% enjoyment - Guaranteed!

“We select the best wines together with renowned wine specialists. We are not affiliated with any purchasing organization, retail company or group of winemakers. Our only desire is to provide and guarantee 100% enjoyment for our clients.”

Flip Harmsma,
Founder of Vinobox


Do you have any questions?

You can find most answers in the frequently asked questions section below

Couldn’t find what you were looking for?

Please contact us. We’d love to help! A lovely glass of wine is just an email away…


How does a Vinobox membership work?

Your Vinobox membership is flexible and without obligation. You decide how often and for how long you wish to receive the Vinobox from us. When registering, you choose 3 or 6 bottles, the composition of your box, the complexity and taste of the wine. You can always still change this later. No Vinobox needed for a while? You can pause your membership at any time!

What does included in a Vinobox membership?

With your Vinobox membership, you will receive a box full of exceptional wines every month. You can choose either 3 or 6 bottles. If you subsequently evaluate the wines received, we can personalize future Vinobox selections to your taste in a more effective way. The Vinobox can be adjusted, paused and stopped on a monthly basis. If you are a Vinobox member, you can order wines at a discount – don’t forget that!

How can I pause or cancel my membership?

You can pause or cancel your membership at any time through your online account. Log in to your account, go to “my account” and click the button “pause account” or “cancel account”. The pausing of your account is indefinite.

How often is the Vinobox delivered?

The Vinobox is delivered every month. Prefer a different delivery schedule? Contact us and we will choose the right delivery schedule for you.

When will the Vinobox be delivered?

Your first order will be shipped within 48 hours on working days. You will receive the next Vinobox a month later, somewhere around the same date.

Can I also order wine only once?

You can of course also order a Vinobox just once. As soon as you have received your Vinobox you can immediately cancel your membership. Then you will only receive that particular Vinobox on that once occasion – though we hope you will try us again soon!

Is it possible to pass on my preferences?

For sure!  You can indicate how your Vinobox should be composed (red, white, rosé or a combination) and which flavour and style suits you. Based on these individual preferences, we put together a Vinobox just for you. When you rate the received wines on your account, it makes it easier for us to take your taste preferences into account for the future.


Are there any additional costs, such as delivery costs?

There are no hidden costs, such as VAT or administration costs. Its an all inclusive price AND delivery is free!

When does the payment take place?

The first payment takes place when you place your first order. The payments for the following boxes are automatically debited in the week that you receive your Vinobox.


How can I purchase a Vinobox as a gift?

You can order a Vinobox gift on our website. Additionally, you can add a card with a personal text that we print out and put in the box. After that, you choose the complexity of the Vinobox, the number of bottles and how many deliveries you want to give as a present. The deliveries stop automatically and you are not tied to a subscription.

Can I pass on a personal message?

Of course you can! After composing your Vinobox, you can leave a personal message when entering the delivery address. After this, you can choose a specific delivery date: this way you can be sure that your surprise will arrive on time and at the time you wish!

Can I choose a specific delivery date?

Yes you can! After entering the delivery address and a personal message for the recipient you can choose a delivery date: this way you can be sure that your surprise will arrive on the correct date!

My account

How can I change my Vinobox?

You can easily adjust all aspects of your Vinobox in your own account. You can easily get here via “Log in” in the menu and make any changes you want to.

How can I rate my wines?

By logging into your account and clicking on “my wine”, you can rate the wines you have received. The more wine you evaluate, the better we can modify your Vinobox to suit you – Vinobox is all about getting it right for your taste.

Can I have my Vinobox delivered (once) to a different address?

Hell yes! It is best to contact our customer service for this: they are happy to help you! You can reach us in all kinds of ways via


When will the Vinobox be delivered?

Your first order will be shipped within 48 hours on working days. You will receive the next Vinobox a month later, around the same date.

How does the delivery work?

The Vinobox is sent via This organization specializes in sending- you guessed it- bottles! They are part of PostNL. You will receive a track & trace email at the specified e-mail address the day before delivery as soon as the Vinobox has entered their delivery process.

I wasn't at home. What happens next?

No problem! Flessenpakket will try again to deliver the Vinobox to you. You can also adapt the delivery address in the track & trace email.

Other questions

How can I contact you?

You can easily contact us by using the chat function on our website, by sending an email to, by calling 0521 – 51 88 80 or by sending a Whatsapp text to 06 39 58 40 77. We are available every working day from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. If no one has answered for a while, please leave a voicemail, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

How does the personalized Vinobox work?

With your order, you specify a certain taste preference. Based on this, we put together a Vinobox for you. When you rate your wines in your online account, your personal wine curator can accurately select wines that match your taste. Curious? Try it!

Can I reorder wines?

Yes, you can reorder wine in our shop. An extra advantage as a Vinobox member is that you get high discounts. The wines in our shop are wines that were part of the delivered Vinoboxes in recent months. Because we do not have everything in stock, there is potentially a longer delivery time; nevertheless, in return, you will (almost always) get the lowest price in the Netherlands. TIP: If we can send the wines with your already scheduled Vinobox, you will not pay any delivery costs.

3 surprising wines a month
available from € 29.95

Pleasantly surprising and personalised to your taste!

  • – Available from €29,95 / month
  • – Free delivery
  • – Flexible subscription