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Vinobox is here for you. We would like to deliver wines that you enjoy for a fair price, in short: wine with an excellent price-quality ratio which will make you happy!

This is not easy, but it’s a challenge we’re happy to take on! We think it’s a shame when you randomly pick a wine from the shelf or order it via internet which disappoints. Or you know which wines you like but can’t afford them.

We did the same in our student days, and we found out that this is how most people do it. Due to a lack of time & knowledge and overload in choice we just didn’t have a clue.

Then we came up with the Vinobox concept, in fact born from an ideal and from the simple idea: to provide ourselves, our friends and family to proper wines on the basis of existing (wine) knowledge. The feedback we received suggests we have already achieved this objective!

If we can do it for our family and friends, then it means we can do it for you! With Vinobox we want to offer a number of solutions, but in short, we want to make sure you are provided with wine that makes you happy.

Vinobox has several top specialists who are taking up this challenge and share their knowledge of wines (and food).
Our choice of different specialists has to do with the fact that, based on their combined knowledge, we can search as widely as possible, and above all, we continue to enjoy discussing the content (of the bottle) and remain independent. We don’t have a marketing director or head of purchasing who wants to influence which bottles end up in the Vinobox. The selection of the best wines for each taste for a fair price are our first considerations.

Vinobox is a young startup with many smart people (and bon vivants) contributing. We are not an exclusive wine club; we are here for all wine drinkers. If you already know what you’d like, and would like to try the convenience of new wines delivered at your home, then you’ve come to the right place. The same applies to people who would like to extend their wine knowledge and could use some advice. Based on people’s reviews of the wines they tasted, we can provide every bon vivant with wines that match their taste style and budget.

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Too often we saw our family and friends ending up paying too much for their wine, without any guarantees that it was proper wine.
Flip Harmsma Founder Vinobox Flip Harmsma, Vinobox

Why should you use Vinobox?

Vinobox, your compass in the wine jungle

Vinobox, your compass in the wine jungle

We are always on the lookout for the best wines. We select our wines together with renowned specialists. Your personal wine curator ensures that you always receive a Vinobox that matches your taste and the season.

Vinobox is independent

We are not affiliated with any particular purchasing organisation, retail company or group of winegrowers. We base our assortment on quality and the right price. Our only interest is to provide our customers with a 100% warranty on enjoyment.

Vinobox is independent
Our wines

Our wines

Wine to make you happy. We select a Vinobox based on your personal taste style, allowing you to discover new wines at home.

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You can review the received wines in your account. Your personal wine curator will use this for the selection of your next Vinobox.

Your personal Vinobox

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